Easy buying on high population servers

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Over the past days I've spend a lot of time buying herbs, milling them for pigments and create inks to resell the Starlight Ink. On the high population server I'm curently playing on I've noticed one major difference compared to my previous server; browsing the Auction House is slowww. So slow in fact that it's a lot more efficient to use Blizzard's Remote Auction House instead of TradeSkillMaster (TSM).

Buying loads
The process which enabled me to purchase the needed herbs quickly was a combination of scanning the Auction House with TSM and buy the cheapest auctions through the Remote Auction House. I'm not online 24x7 so for me it's no big deal to scan for the herbs from in-game, logout and buy from the Remote Auction House. I'm assuming most know their way around TSM so I'll focus on Remote Auction House in this post.

The required steps to quickly buy herbs are:

  1. Open the Remote Auction House app on your phone or tablet and go to the Auction House and choose 'Browse':
  2. Tap 'Search' and select 'Trade Goods' and 'Herb' as 'Categories', if you want to you can limit the search to specific herbs I never bother:

  3. Scroll down untill you've found the herb you want to purchase, tap the herb (I choose Green Tea Leaf in this example:

  4. If there are a lot of Auctions at the same price the Remote Auction House will stack them. By tapping those stacks you enter the buying screen:
  5. In the following screen you can select the amount of stacks you'd like to buy, you can select any amount up to the total amount of stacks and the Remote Auction House will purchase them in seconds:
This little trick enabled me to buy way faster than I'd be able to with TSM due to many timeouts and long time spend 'searching for auction'. Just remember you can only buy 200 auctions per day through the Remote Auction House so choose wisely :)


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