Vendoring Inscriptions

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've returned to World of Warcraft and after a few weeks of leveling a new toon on a completely different realm I've returned to World of Auctions as well, yay me! :)

Rags to riches
Over the coming weeks I'll post about my progress into forming a new empire, I haven't migrated any of my characters to the realm I currently play on so I've started with absolutely zero resources. My new main is running around in Panderia but since I'm taking a more casual approach I'm only level 86, therefor most of the upcoming articles will be about markets a leveling scribe (lvl 600) can exploit.

First market: inscriptions
The main market I've been focussing on, apart from selling glyphs, is buying out all Ink of Dreams priced below 5g. The inks are then used to create the tradable Inscriptions: Crane Wing InscriptionOx Horn InscriptionTiger Claw Inscription and Tiger Fang Inscription. These Inscriptions can be vendored for 18g 75s, which is 6g 25s per ink gaining me a profit of 1g 25s per ink!

The Inscriptions can also be regularly reset, mainly during the evening when regular Joe has won new shoulders in the LFG and doesn't want to spend 1.000g on the Greater Inscriptions. If only I could find a way to keep the multiple-gold uncutters away to maintain high prices for more than a day...

WoA stars for this market:
While you'll have to spend a decent amount of time crafting the inscriptions this is a very good gold maker with absolutely no risk involved.


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