Prospecting values Excel file

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've got a day of work so I created an Excel file which estimates the profit for prospecting Cataclysm ores based on current market prices for full stacks of ores, basic gems and enchanting mats. The base for this file was taken from Drockrock's post on the Consortium forums.

The Excel file can be found on Google Docs: Prospecting Value Excel file

By posting this on the Internet I can't prevent anyone from copying and distributing it so anyone wanting to do just this is welcome to do so. If you want to share this, please share this blogpage or do not change the header in the Excel file, I'm a starting blogger and would enjoy a bit more traffic :)


Update 06-01-2011: I've added meta gems to the sheet as well, as you can see on the pre-entered values (which are actual prices from my server) they easily have the best profit margin.

Price resets

It's time for a well known trick used by auctioneers to increase their profits. Resetting the price of an item to be able to sell your own supply for a larger profit margin. I've been sitting on a decent amount of Greater Celestial Essence from disenchanting Carnelian Spikes. Which I'm still expecting to be fixed soon btw, an Item Level 317 weapon which disenchants reliably in 2-3 Greater Celestials doesn't seem to be right.

The supply I had however had been created during the weekend when Obsidium Ore was quite cheap. Unfortunately during the weekend the Greater Celestials were also at about 60% of normal market value with loads of them posted. I figured I just had to wait untill Monday or Tuesday for them to rise to their normal price again. On Monday the lowest buyout was 60g and Tuesday prices had risen to 68g. This morning there were still a couple of them listed for 70g buyouts, but only about 15 of them.
Since there was a large gap between the 70g ones and the rest, which were a little above market price, I decided to buy out all 70g buyouts and re-list those and my own for 85g.

If all of them sell, which they will over the coming days, I didn't make 225g (15 x 15g) from relisting the 70g buyouts but 1.125g from relisting them and increasing the price of the 60 I had in my bank.

This applies to every item for which the price fluctuates during the week. If you want to sell them for the normal marketprice you can choose to not wait for the cheaper ones to automatically drop off the Auction House. Buy them out and reset the price to increase profits.

Disclaimer: I could have bought out as many Greater Celestials as possible during the weekend and re-sell them once the price had risen again. Once the market has settled a bit after Cataclysm I will do that but right now I'm being very careful with buying to re-list. Prices are all over the place, it only takes one or two other Jewelcrafter / Enchanters to start doing what I'm doing and prices will drop significantly. I'm not going to risk having a stack of Greater Celestials which I'm going to have to sell for a loss.

The Obsidium shuffle, pt 2

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Due to the good profit I made two days ago with prospecting, cutting / crafting and disenchanting I checked the Auction House again this morning and bought out 30 stacks of Obsidium Ore for 109 gold each. My logic behind this was the 46 stacks earned me a profit of 4.700 gold in one day with some extra enchanting mats, gems and BoE's still left unsold. So I figured I could set an upper limit of 162 gold per stack of Obsidium Ore (2.760 + 4.700 / 46).

I did almost the exact same as before but finetuned a couple of steps:
- Before crafting any necklaces or rings I checked the prices for the raw gems, several were in the range of 50-75g which is a better profit margin than crafting / disenchanting them for 1-2 dusts.
- I checked if any gems were needed for the daily JC quest. I was in luck since Ogrezonians in the Mood was today's daily. I bought out every single Jasper below 60 gold (about 15 in total) and relisted almost two stacks in batches of 3 and 1 for 60 gold. At the time of writing 32 of those have been sold, almost 2k gold worth of sales from just Jasper gems.
- Since the Greater Celestial Essences sold much better than the Lesser Celestial Essences I tranformed all the Lesser's to Greater's. Almost all have been sold already which is another 3k incoming.
- The BoE blue rings and necklaces sold quite fast so I increased the prices for those from 195 gold to 299 gold. They're still selling strong, especially the Jasper ring's, having a level requirement of 79 might have something to do with that.

Even with a much lesser deal on the Obsidium Ores (I payed 50 gold more per stack) I've already made 1.5k profit for 45 minutes of work. I haven't sold a single Hypnotic Dust or cut rare gem yet from this batch so I expect the profit to rise to 5k at the bare minimum.

The Obsidium shuffle

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ok, ok, I'll admit it's been a while since my last post. I've been busy leveling my main character and haven't paid a lot of attention to the Auction House for the past few weeks. In fact I've only just started trying to earn back the gold I've lost since Cataclysm was released (leveling enchanting & jewelcrafting and some nice BoE PvE and PvP items took a nice chunk out of my balance).

This morning I had a wonderful opportunity to start making some well needed profit. I logged on before work to check some auctions and relist my glyphs when out of habit I checked the prices for Obsidium Ore and I was able to grab 46 stacks for 60g each. After checking some prices I decided to buy the whole lot to prospect, craft and disenchant.

I prospected all 46 stacks, which gave me the following gems:
44 Alicite
40 Carnelian
47 Hessonite
41 Jasper
40 Nightstone
46 Zephyrite

2 Amberjewel
2 Demonseye
3 Dream Emerald
3 Ember Topaz
4 Inferno Ruby
1 Ocean Sapphire

I crafted 2 Bold Inferno Ruby's, 2 Brilliant Inferno Ruby's and 2 Smooth Amberjewel's. I can't cut any other rare gems yet so I stored the other gems for later use.

The uncommon gems I used to craft the following items:
Alicite > Alicite Pendant
Carnelian > Carnelian Spikes
Hessonite > Hessonite Band
Jasper > Jasper Ring
Nightstone > Nightstone Choker

I then disenchanted all the uncommon quality items. I didn't get too many procs for a rare quality item, but the ones I did get weren't disenchanted since the Cataclysm levelling is still going on at large either from mains or alts so I'm expecting to sell at least some of them.

When I finally finished prospecting, cutting, crafting and disenchanting I ended up with the following items to be sold on the Auction House:
2 Bold Inferno Ruby (listed for 224g 50s each)
2 Brilliant Inferno Ruby (listed for 179g 50s each)
2 Smooth Amberjewel (listed for 248g 50s each)
10 Nightstone (listed for 55g each) *
6 BoE blue's from crafting rings and necklaces (listed for 195g each)
150 Hypnotic Dust (listed for 15g 90s each)
44 Lesser Celestial Essence (listed for 32g each)
30 Greater Celestial Essence (listed for 90g each)

* Always check the prices for individual gems, Nightstone is an excellent example of an uncommon gem which sells for good profit, on my server at least.

If all auctions sell for the prices listed above, which I'm not expecting, I'll be getting 9.518 gold for my effort. With an initial investment of 2.760 gold I've got a potential profit of 6.758 gold for about one hour work, not bad. This is without doing anything with the other four types or rare gems and Zephyrites, these should definately give me another 1.000g at least and maybe even more. For the time being they're stored away and not bringing in any gold so I'm not including them in the profit calculation.

When Maelstrom Crystal's finally start appearing for decent prices it might be more rewarding to use the enchanting materials for enchants instead of selling them raw.

For the more visually inclined I've included a small flowchart for the Obsidium shuffle. All jewelcrafting actions are colored like the gems which are needed for that cut / craft and all disenchants are gray colored.

As a small proof of concept: After 4 hours I've already sold all the Inferno Ruby's, one of the BoE rare rings, a good amount of enchanting mats and the Nightstones. I've got 3.869 gold waiting for me in my mailbox, 1.100 gold profit! I'll probably be checking the Remote Auction House when possible for the rest of the day to keep track of the rest of the auctions so I'll keep updating the process.

13.10: I noticed Zephyrite is needed for today's JC daily so I quickly listed five batches of three for 150 gold and already sold one batch.
13.36: Another 1.067 gold incoming from sold auctions in the past hour
15.59: It's slowing down 557 gold incoming. Probably related to being undercut
23.47: To finish the day, 1.973 gold worth of auctions sold during the evening.

Total profit for today from just this batch of ores is about 4.700 gold, not bad for one hour in the morning and 5 minutes relisting in the evening!

Feast of Winter Veil

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Feast of Winter Veil is approaching and if you're like me and are looking for a way to make a profit out of it there are some things you should know. First, you're late! You should start preparing for holiday events months in advance. Right now you're probably not the only one trying to buyout needed materials and prices are already inflated compared to a couple of months ago.
But it's not too late. There's still potential for a decent profit but you'll have to check the Auction House more often and be more careful about what to buy.

How to make profit
To understand which items have good potential to make a profit during Winter Veil we have to start by looking at the quests and achievements that require tradable items. Every holiday event in World of Warcraft consist of a couple of quests which either give an achievement upon completion or reward gimmicks or requirements for achievements. People want to complete these quests and achievements and we're being payed to facilitate that.

Let's have a look at the quests:
Treats for Great-father Winter 
Treats for Great-father Winter 
The Hero of the Day 

And achievements:
'Tis the Season
The Winter Veil Gourmet

Any character that wants to complete all Winter Veil quests and achievements will have to aquire the following materials (vendor bought materials are not included):
- 5 Gingerbread Cookie
- 1 Deeprock Salt
- Winter Garb (3 pieces, red being the Alliance set and Green the Horde set)
- 2 Small Egg

The Gingerbread Cookie is a level 1 cooking recipy but let's assume at least some people will need help with creating the needed 5. We make a lot of gold from the lazy and ignorant, let's not forget about them ;)

For the Winter Garb set we need the following materials:
Green Winter Clothes / Red Winter Clothes:
4 Bolt of Runecloth (16 Runecloth)
1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 Wool Cloth)
2 Red Dye (vendor)
1 Rune Thread (vendor)

Winter Boots:
1 Copper Bar
1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 Wool Cloth)
4 Rugged Leather
1 Rune Thread (vendor)

Shopping list
I'd recommend the following shopping list for Winter Veil:
- As many Small Egg's as you can get, there really is no limit on this since most players want at least 5 of these and expect an undercutting war within hours of Winter Veil starting, not having to cancel, retrieve mail, relist is a definite plus.
- 100 Deeprock Salt
- 800 Runecloth
- 300 Wool Cloth
- 50 Copper Bar
- 200 Rugged Leather

Listing the goods
Start by listing Small Egg's in batches of 5 and 1 and Deeprock Salt in batches of 1, prices are dependant on your server and possible competition. List these the day before Winter Veil starts as late as possible, having enough on the Auction House at the start of the event will increase the potential high profit sales. Don't list everything you have in one go, you're very likely to be undercut soon so there is absolutely no need to.

Pre-make all the Winter Garb items and list a couple the day before Winter Veil, I'd say about 10 of each should do the trick.

Maximizing profits even further
If you're on a server with small supply of Rugged Leather you can try to inflate the prices by buying everything listed for not-to-redicously-high prices, don't attempt to control the market for any of the cloths or Copper Bars. Those are simply too easy to farm and usually in pretty high supply, particularly with the increased spawn rates of old-world mines.

Levelling enchants

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Since most 'end-game' enchants aren't selling this close to Cataclysm I decided to list all levelling or twink enchants. I've noticed an increase in sales for enchants like Crusader and Mighty Intellect in the past few weeks so I figured there was more gold to be gained from these enchants.

I've created the following list based on two criteria:
1. The enchants can't have an item level requirement
2. The enchants have to give a significant bonus

Based on these two criteria I've selected the following list of enchants. Some of these are quite hard to get if you don't have them already, be prepared for some reputation and AQ20/40 grinding if you want to collect all of them.

Enchant Cloak - Stealth (melee & hunters)

Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (all)

Enchant Boots - Greater Agility (melee & hunters)
Enchant Boots - Minor Speed (all)

Enchant Gloves - Greater Strength (melee)
Enchant Gloves - Healing Power (casters)
Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility (melee & hunters)
Enchant Gloves - Riding Skill (all)

Enchant Weapon - Agility (rogues and dualwield hunters *)
Enchant 2H-Weapon - Agility (hunters *)
Enchant Weapon - Crusader (melee)
Enchant Weapon - Healing Power (casters **)
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (casters)
Enchant Weapon - Spellpower (casters **)
Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon (melee)
* Will become very expensive to craft with the changed droprate for Essence of Air
**Not everybody is aware of Mighty Intellect being the best enchant for casters since 4.0.3, don't underestimatie the selling potential of well known enchants.

Enchant Shield - Greater Stamina (all)
Enchant Shield - Vitality (all)

I don't have all of the enchants yet but I'll update this post after some time when I have a bit more information about which enchants actually sell. Unfortunately the amount of expected sales can't be directly linked to the quality of an enchant, otherwise I'd see much more Mighty Intellect sales instead of Spellpower or Healing Power.

Take a break once in a while

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I knew about the change to Jessica Sellers, being on a EU server I had the advantage of having the change confirmed by American players before my server went down for patch maintenance. A big thank you to the kind folks from the Just My Two Copper forums! Of course I traded as many Ink of the Sea as I possibly could but I also bought all resonably priced herbs from the Auction House and quickly pulled all of my glyphs.

I couldn't be 100% sure, but I predicted most scribes wouldn't be aware of this change so I hoped prices would rise quickly. As far as I knew it wasn't a well know fact and it most definately wasn't in the patchnotes. If my competition did not prepare properly and didn't sit on a high supply of already crafted glyphs I'd have a good chance of controlling at least a part of the glyph market. If they did prepare or did have a large supply I'd miss a couple of days of selling so there was no risk involved.

The first few days not much happened, there was no noticible change in glyph prices or amount of glyphes posted. I did enjoy a couple of days downtime though, not having to mill, craft, post, check for undercuts and repost but instead prepared my scribe for Cataclysm by levelling her to level 80.
After four days or so I did start to notice a change in glyph prices, mainly in the glyphs made from Ethereal Ink. These where all 20g-50g before the patch and are currently between 45g and 125g.

On a normal weekday I used to make about 1000 to 1500 gold on glyphs, after I started selling again I noticed quite the increase in income:
This is from Tuesday morning 8AM to Tuesday evening 10PM, almost 2900 gold from two posting sessions.

I could have continued to sell glyphs during the couple of days after the patch, but by keeping my glyphs of the Auction House I managed to get a much better profit margin and learned a bit about my competition (they're not sitting on large supplies and don't check the JMTC forums :)). Sometimes it's best to wait out what happens after a high impact change and collect the profit later on.