New patchnotes 4.0.6: buy Volatile Life?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've already discussed the new meta gems coming in patch 4.0.6 but I've found some more possible moneymakers in the new patchnotes.

The changes (besides the new meta gems) I find particularly interesting are:
  • A socket has been added to all crafted epic armor pieces that did not already have one.
  • Alchemist's Stones for Agility, Strength, and Intellect have been added
  • The number of herbs required to create flasks has been reduced, while the Volatile Life needed has been increased slightly
  • Vivid Dream Emerald (new gem) provides resilience/spell penetration and can be purchased for 3 Illustrious Tokens.
I don't think there is a huge amount of crafted epic armor pieces out there, but there might just be enough to have a noticable effect on the sales of rare gems. Combined with the requirements for the new meta gems I'm expecting a larger sale volume for cutted Inferno Rubies. Now would be the time to buy them cheap or hold on to the ones you're getting from the Obsidium Shuffle.

Jewelcrafter should also hold on to three Illustrious Jewelcrafter Tokens so you could purchase the new gem immediately and possibly make a profit from them while nobody else is selling them. Cut rare gems haven't been my most profitable market for a couple of weeks though so I'm most likely going to skip this.

The Alchemy changes might have the biggest impact of all currently announced changes. The newly added Alchemist Stones will most likely have similar reagents as Lifebound Alchemist Stone, some herbs and 50 Volatile Life. If we combine this information with the reduction for herbs and increase in Volatile Life needed to create flasks there's only one logical conclusion: The demand for Volatile Life is going to increase. The biggest question is if the increase will be enough to result to an increase in price. I'm going to take the risk and stock up on cheap Volatile Life, if it's a miss I'll have enough mats for Transmute: Living Elements and hopefully won't be at a large loss.

What do you think? Are we going to see a price for Volatile Life or am I taking a huge gamble here?


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