Feast of Winter Veil

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Feast of Winter Veil is approaching and if you're like me and are looking for a way to make a profit out of it there are some things you should know. First, you're late! You should start preparing for holiday events months in advance. Right now you're probably not the only one trying to buyout needed materials and prices are already inflated compared to a couple of months ago.
But it's not too late. There's still potential for a decent profit but you'll have to check the Auction House more often and be more careful about what to buy.

How to make profit
To understand which items have good potential to make a profit during Winter Veil we have to start by looking at the quests and achievements that require tradable items. Every holiday event in World of Warcraft consist of a couple of quests which either give an achievement upon completion or reward gimmicks or requirements for achievements. People want to complete these quests and achievements and we're being payed to facilitate that.

Let's have a look at the quests:
Treats for Great-father Winter 
Treats for Great-father Winter 
The Hero of the Day 

And achievements:
'Tis the Season
The Winter Veil Gourmet

Any character that wants to complete all Winter Veil quests and achievements will have to aquire the following materials (vendor bought materials are not included):
- 5 Gingerbread Cookie
- 1 Deeprock Salt
- Winter Garb (3 pieces, red being the Alliance set and Green the Horde set)
- 2 Small Egg

The Gingerbread Cookie is a level 1 cooking recipy but let's assume at least some people will need help with creating the needed 5. We make a lot of gold from the lazy and ignorant, let's not forget about them ;)

For the Winter Garb set we need the following materials:
Green Winter Clothes / Red Winter Clothes:
4 Bolt of Runecloth (16 Runecloth)
1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 Wool Cloth)
2 Red Dye (vendor)
1 Rune Thread (vendor)

Winter Boots:
1 Copper Bar
1 Bolt of Woolen Cloth (3 Wool Cloth)
4 Rugged Leather
1 Rune Thread (vendor)

Shopping list
I'd recommend the following shopping list for Winter Veil:
- As many Small Egg's as you can get, there really is no limit on this since most players want at least 5 of these and expect an undercutting war within hours of Winter Veil starting, not having to cancel, retrieve mail, relist is a definite plus.
- 100 Deeprock Salt
- 800 Runecloth
- 300 Wool Cloth
- 50 Copper Bar
- 200 Rugged Leather

Listing the goods
Start by listing Small Egg's in batches of 5 and 1 and Deeprock Salt in batches of 1, prices are dependant on your server and possible competition. List these the day before Winter Veil starts as late as possible, having enough on the Auction House at the start of the event will increase the potential high profit sales. Don't list everything you have in one go, you're very likely to be undercut soon so there is absolutely no need to.

Pre-make all the Winter Garb items and list a couple the day before Winter Veil, I'd say about 10 of each should do the trick.

Maximizing profits even further
If you're on a server with small supply of Rugged Leather you can try to inflate the prices by buying everything listed for not-to-redicously-high prices, don't attempt to control the market for any of the cloths or Copper Bars. Those are simply too easy to farm and usually in pretty high supply, particularly with the increased spawn rates of old-world mines.


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