World of Auctions Stars

Every potential gold I've investigated will be rated on three criteria's: profit, risk and hassle. For me personally a market needs two out of three criteria's 'in the green' to be considered as a long term Auction House activity.

Profit: How good is the potential profit from this market? Will I be able to sell a couple of Auctions for a small amount of gold or do I need more wheelbarrows to move the gold from the mailbox to my bank? The rating for this criteria can be read as:
You're losing money, get out while you still can!
Hardly impressive
Making an ok profit
Making a good profit

Risk: What is the risk in investing in this market? Are prices going all over the place or are they slowly rising/falling? The rating for this criteria can be read as:

Even gambling is more reliable
I hope you've read Stock Exchange for dummies
WoA can not be hold responsible, we think it might be ok though
You should be fine
This can't go wrong

Hassle: Even a risk-free, high-profit market could be something you wouldn't want to touch with a 5 ft. Enchanted Rod if it a horrendous hassle to stay active in. For example selling Glyphs has a low Hassle score due to the logistics involved. The rating for this criteria can be read as:

I'd rather take my grandmother to a bingo bonanza
This better be compensated by a huge profit and be over in a week or two
I've done worse markets, I've also done many better ones
Like a walk in park
Hassle? What do you mean hassle, this is fun!

Please note: Many markets are server dependant, even if I'm rating a market with the lowest score possible it might be worth checking out how conditions are at your server.