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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Alright, let's see how badly my memory is failing me. I've been playing the Auction House for about three weeks now, and made about 15.000 gold in the process, let's see if I can recall what I have done untill now.

My idea of making gold before was farming Stratholme with my Paladin main character to gather the mats for Crusader enchants. My Paladin is an enchanter and I can easily pull half the instance with him so each run took me about 15 minutes. An hour or two worth of farming gave me enough scrolls of Crusader enchants to last me a week or two. However Stratholme is quite inconvenient to reach and heroic instance queue's were often faster than me clearing what I wanted to clear, even by queuing as dps. So I wanted a better result for time and efford invested.

The first market I went out to explore was selling scrolls of enchants, my main being enchanter was the most important reason for this. I started out with creating a spreadsheet in Excel which listed all the Northrend enchants I could make and formulas to calculate the cost-to-make based on actual Auction House prices. I knew what each enchant would cost me and I could easily check for how much I could sell them. Since I was sitting on a comfortable pile of mats, running loads of heroics as an enchanter has it's advantages, I could make almost all scrolls I predicted would earn me gold. I crafted the scrolls and listed them, manually, on the Auction House. Not all of them sold but some did and I invested the profit in even more Enchanting mats, created more scrolls and listed more scrolls, manually.

My Paladin is an Enchanter / Jewelcrafter, guess what market I dived in after feeling comfortable selling scrolls? That's right, Jewelcrafting! Not a very big success though; it's getting really close to Cataclysm and gems aren't exactly flying of the shelves, on my server at least. Only having a few of the epic cuts and no meta cuts bought with tokens and the high listing prices for gems didn't help either. So I quickly started looking for a more lucrative market than gems.

The only options I had available to me were Herbalism, Alchemy and Inscription, I hate farming so it would have to be Alchemy or Inscription. I didn't feel confident about Alchemy since I don't believe flasks or elixirs will sell properly so I decided to go for Inscription. My scribe was a level 70 alt who's sole purpose was creating Darkmoon cards to give my Death Knight (old main) the Greatness trinket. I hardly did a single Northrend discovery and hadn't learned a single Book of Glyph Mastery.
Attempting to conquer the glyph market really rocketboosted my knowledge of playing the Auction House. You just can't expect to randomly make some glyphs, list them on the Auction House, restock your supplies and make a decent amount of gold in the process. I quickly realised I was about to invest too much time for too little gain, that's not what I wanted to achieve. Luckily I'm not the first to start selling glyphs so all the problems I wanted to solved can be solved easily with some common addons, Auction Profit Master and EasyMail being the most important. Since I've started selling glyphs I've invested a lot of gold in buying the Books of Glyph Mastery which is really starting to pay off. I've doubled my daily glyph income and there's a lot more potential income to gain.

Which brings us to today, me creating this blog :)

My current plans for the nearby future are:
- Find a decent addon to help me craft the glyphs I've sold
- Buy as many Proto-drake Whelps as I can to resell later in Cataclysm
- Level my scribe to 80 in preparation for the Cataclysm changes to professions
- Learn all glyphs on my scribe to increase my daily profit from glyphs


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