The importance of stockpiling

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cataclysm is right around the corner now, the elemental invasion is ruining Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff (or Ironforge and Stormwind) and at least on my server everybody and their mother is waiting in the cities for the elementals to come. I did not expect that to have a negative impact in my Action House adventure, well it did...

That's right, Lichbloom is the best example at the time of writing but herbs are dissappearing from the Auction House and prices are rising to a level unseen for a long time. Glyphes are selling better than ever but I can't restock and I'm slowly, but surely, starting to run out.

Thankfully it's Friday and I'm expecting the supply to rise again during the weekend when casual Joe is escaping the depressive November weather outside by farming the crap out of Scholazar Basin and listing his Adder's Tongue for 20g a stack.
At least that's what I'm hoping for, if I'd have to make an educated guess most casual players are probably going to do the same thing everybody else has been doing all week; hang around the cities, kill elementals and group for the four new bosses.

Important learning point
Even though I haven't really been able to start stockpiling Ink of the Sea I should have had a much bigger fallback stock at this moment. It's such an amazing time to be a Scribe on my server at the moment with only two serious competitors, one of which is probably having the same problem I've got and has become a lot less active over the past few days. I could be making an absolute killing but can't due to dwindling supplies.

I'm definately going to make sure this doesn't happen again, I should have made arrangements with farmers over the past weeks so I could at least let them know I need more herbs. I also should have purchased every single stack below my treshold instead of getting what I needed and hope for prices to drop, other people have reported herb prices to drop so I was expecting that to happen on my server as well.


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