Incription - Selling Inks

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've heard some positive stories about milling Cataclysm herbs and selling the Inks for an amazing profit so I obviously had to check it out for myself. I started out with creating an Excel sheet just like the one I made for ores and realized a decent profit could be made indeed.
Not wanting to take a large risk I bought about 2.500 gold worth of herbs from the Auction House (10 stacks of Twilight Jasmin). After milling I had 61 Blackfallow Ink and 10 Inferno Ink and I proceded to list them all on the Auction House.

It wasn't worth the effort on my server, eventually I did make a profit from selling the Blackfallow Ink for 1.595 gold and the Inferno Ink for 2.150 gold but it took way too long. I think I've had a break of luck with the Inferno Inks because they where all bought by the same dude.
It took about three days of re-listing before all the inks had sold, not my idea of a market in which huge profits can be made. Even more so if you consider the current state of the market, prices are still fluctuating a lot so I'd rather put my money on a more risk free market.

I've combined the Cataclysm profit sheet for herbs with the sheet I've made earlier for prospecting ores, a preview for this sheet below shows I could make a decent profit per stack of Whiptail if I'd be willing to wait for the Inks to sell:

WoA stars for this market:
I'm not impressed at this moment, the sales volumes are too low and the risk is too high. If the prices for herbs drop a bit it might be worth checking again since milling can be done semi-afk and the inks can easily be sold from APM groups.


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