Enchanting: Buy now, sell later

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just a random selection of enchants with threshold set to current market values

Many Enchants are currently priced way under market value, from the small example above let's highlight Enchant Shield - Blocking. This is an Enchants requiring 12 Hypnotic Dust, which on my server are 15g each on average. The Enchant should be worth about 200g yet due to increased supply from people leveling Enchanting it's currently available for a bit short of 12g.
I've bought about 50 scrolls of this particular Enchant so far, every single one below 15g. My reasoning for this is since there is only one alternative (Enchant Shield - Protection) which in my opinion is inferior to this one. Demand for this Enchant is going to increase while supply is going to decrease. However, don't forget prices for Enchanting mats are going decrease as well as lesser mats are needed to level professions. For this Enchant I'm buying risk free, Hypnotic Dust will never go as low as Infinite Dust did halfway through WotLK due to inflation. Infinite Dust bottomed out at 1g 50s on my server which calculated back to 18g for the Blocking Enchant.

The risk for every single Enchant can be calculated like this. When calculating also keep in mind there will always be people leveling Enchanting and they will dump their scrolls on the Auction House. If that supply beats the demand for a scroll it might never recover from the price deflation we're currently experiencing.

Note: It's probably going to take many months before reaching your ROI for these scrolls. Do not invest if you want some quick easy gold!


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