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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I've made a new Excel file to help me decide how to make best use of all the herbs I purchase. I've been buying about 200 stacks of herbs daily and deciding how to turn all those pigments in a healthy profit has taken me a lot of napkin math, so it was time for an updated version of my Cataclysm profit file.
I haven't included the option to create Inscriptions and vendor those as explained in my post about Vendoring Inscriptions. While it can reward a good profit, with the Ink trader accepting Ink of Dreams for Starlight Ink it's currently just not a viable option. If Inks prices drop by a great margin it'll be worth it again and I'll probably include the option in the file.

The Excel file can be found on Google Docs: Mists of Pandaria Herb profit sheet

Like with all my other Excel files, if you want to share this please share this blogpage or do not change the header in the Excel file. I'm a starting blogger and would enjoy a bit more traffic and directing people to this blog allows them to comment so I can further improve the file if needed.



Anonymous said...

What version of excel is this? When I open it, i get an error complaining about the custom PRICE() function being replaced by a built-in PRICE() function and then it doesn't work :(

Coldstream said...

Should be fixed now, I've had to rename the function because apparently Excel has an built-in function it values higher than mine... :)

Anonymous said...

Looks good thanks Coldstream.

Rajnish said...

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