The Obsidium shuffle, pt 2

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Due to the good profit I made two days ago with prospecting, cutting / crafting and disenchanting I checked the Auction House again this morning and bought out 30 stacks of Obsidium Ore for 109 gold each. My logic behind this was the 46 stacks earned me a profit of 4.700 gold in one day with some extra enchanting mats, gems and BoE's still left unsold. So I figured I could set an upper limit of 162 gold per stack of Obsidium Ore (2.760 + 4.700 / 46).

I did almost the exact same as before but finetuned a couple of steps:
- Before crafting any necklaces or rings I checked the prices for the raw gems, several were in the range of 50-75g which is a better profit margin than crafting / disenchanting them for 1-2 dusts.
- I checked if any gems were needed for the daily JC quest. I was in luck since Ogrezonians in the Mood was today's daily. I bought out every single Jasper below 60 gold (about 15 in total) and relisted almost two stacks in batches of 3 and 1 for 60 gold. At the time of writing 32 of those have been sold, almost 2k gold worth of sales from just Jasper gems.
- Since the Greater Celestial Essences sold much better than the Lesser Celestial Essences I tranformed all the Lesser's to Greater's. Almost all have been sold already which is another 3k incoming.
- The BoE blue rings and necklaces sold quite fast so I increased the prices for those from 195 gold to 299 gold. They're still selling strong, especially the Jasper ring's, having a level requirement of 79 might have something to do with that.

Even with a much lesser deal on the Obsidium Ores (I payed 50 gold more per stack) I've already made 1.5k profit for 45 minutes of work. I haven't sold a single Hypnotic Dust or cut rare gem yet from this batch so I expect the profit to rise to 5k at the bare minimum.


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