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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I knew about the change to Jessica Sellers, being on a EU server I had the advantage of having the change confirmed by American players before my server went down for patch maintenance. A big thank you to the kind folks from the Just My Two Copper forums! Of course I traded as many Ink of the Sea as I possibly could but I also bought all resonably priced herbs from the Auction House and quickly pulled all of my glyphs.

I couldn't be 100% sure, but I predicted most scribes wouldn't be aware of this change so I hoped prices would rise quickly. As far as I knew it wasn't a well know fact and it most definately wasn't in the patchnotes. If my competition did not prepare properly and didn't sit on a high supply of already crafted glyphs I'd have a good chance of controlling at least a part of the glyph market. If they did prepare or did have a large supply I'd miss a couple of days of selling so there was no risk involved.

The first few days not much happened, there was no noticible change in glyph prices or amount of glyphes posted. I did enjoy a couple of days downtime though, not having to mill, craft, post, check for undercuts and repost but instead prepared my scribe for Cataclysm by levelling her to level 80.
After four days or so I did start to notice a change in glyph prices, mainly in the glyphs made from Ethereal Ink. These where all 20g-50g before the patch and are currently between 45g and 125g.

On a normal weekday I used to make about 1000 to 1500 gold on glyphs, after I started selling again I noticed quite the increase in income:
This is from Tuesday morning 8AM to Tuesday evening 10PM, almost 2900 gold from two posting sessions.

I could have continued to sell glyphs during the couple of days after the patch, but by keeping my glyphs of the Auction House I managed to get a much better profit margin and learned a bit about my competition (they're not sitting on large supplies and don't check the JMTC forums :)). Sometimes it's best to wait out what happens after a high impact change and collect the profit later on.


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