Prospecting values Excel file

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've got a day of work so I created an Excel file which estimates the profit for prospecting Cataclysm ores based on current market prices for full stacks of ores, basic gems and enchanting mats. The base for this file was taken from Drockrock's post on the Consortium forums.

The Excel file can be found on Google Docs: Prospecting Value Excel file

By posting this on the Internet I can't prevent anyone from copying and distributing it so anyone wanting to do just this is welcome to do so. If you want to share this, please share this blogpage or do not change the header in the Excel file, I'm a starting blogger and would enjoy a bit more traffic :)


Update 06-01-2011: I've added meta gems to the sheet as well, as you can see on the pre-entered values (which are actual prices from my server) they easily have the best profit margin.


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